Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws

Product image 1Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws
Product image 2Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws
Product image 3Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws
Product image 4Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws

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Smart Hemp Straw is for busy people who want to be happy and healthy. For those looking for HEMP products, they can use it easily while on the go - look no further. It could reduce your anxiety, depression, acne, pain associated with diseases and more at any time and anywhere.

Smart Hemp uses PNX- Zero Bio - ESC powder technology, a faster absorption in human body than oil-based hemp products。 A 1 mg dose of PNX Bio- ECS powder will deliver the equivalent of 5- 10 mg doses of an oil-based product. 

  • Convenient, each straw is individually packed
  • 25 mg of hemp in each straw, 0 THC
  • Grow organically out-doors, using no pesticides or herbicides
  • Non- GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and uses no preservatives
  • Biodegradable straw
  • Size: 1 Box - 10 straws
  • Flavor options in  Strawberry and Rasberry
Directions: Place Smart Hemp in 8 fl oz of liquid, anything you drink. Tastes best when sipped within 5 minutes. Each straw is single-use. 
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