About Us

SMART STRAW is an emerging leader in the fast growing nutritional health & wellness industry. With years of biotechnology and nutritional experience, SMARTS STRAW’S scientific platform has created unique, patented wellness products such as premium marine collagen that are both safe and clinically effective. All of its products applies Unistraw delivery system, a global patented technology, to provide consumers an innovation way to obtain nutritional and wellness. Our mission is to bring its innovation and premium quality products to customers and satisfy their wellness needs.


  • Innovative and fun way to bring you nutrition
  •  Unbelievably convenient 
  •  Dissolving nutrient beads = Fast absorption for maximum benefits
  •  Premium quality nutrients made with natural ingredients
  •  Low sugar/ sugar-free options
  •  Biodegradable straw
  •  Great taste, great selection of flavors


Smart energy, CBD (please contact us), collagen, milk flavoring probiotics/D3; Coming product line: Smart ice cold coffee flavor, cocktail mixer

SMART STRAW IS AVAILABLE all over the world: U.S., Canada Costco, Europe, New Zealand, China Costco and Japan. 


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