Smart Collagen | 30 straws

Product image 1Smart Collagen | 30 straws
Product image 2Smart Collagen | 30 straws
Product image 3Smart Collagen | 30 straws
Product image 4Smart Collagen | 30 straws
Product image 5Smart Collagen | 30 straws
Product image 6Smart Collagen | 30 straws
Product image 7Smart Collagen | 30 straws

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Smart Collagen is 100% Japanese TruMarine Collagen,   a premium, all-natural, bioactive collagen from deep sea marine sources. Each straw contains 2,500 mg of collagen. It comes in three exciting flavors: Tangerine, Lemonade, and Rose. 

The TruMarine series is an all natural collagen peptide extracted from the scales of wild deep sea snapper, caught in the South Pacific Ocean. In terms of purity, safety and bioavailability, it is the finest and purest source of collagen available on the market.

TruMarine Collagen is the most abundant type found in the body with scientifically proven benefits for health, wellness and beauty. Importantly, it is free of the potential dangers that animal collagen poses such as mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease. bird virus, hormone and antibiotic ingestion.

Stay hydrated, stay energized, stay healthy, stay young, stay cool. Any time! Any where!

  •     Premium Marine Collagen
  •     Naturally Sweetened, no sugar
  •     Easy to sip with your favorite beverage
  •     Great Taste
  •     You can take it anywhere and anytime
  •     Non-GMO, produced in FDA approved facility
  •     The straw is biodegradable
  •     Size: 1 box - 30 straws
Directions: Enjoy your Smart Collagen Straw sip with chilled water or even better, give your favorite health drink, a daily collagen boost. For fast result, have 2 Smart Collagen Straw per day.


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