Smart Energy Lemon Mint Flavor | 30 straws

Product image 1Smart Energy Lemon Mint Flavor | 30 straws
Product image 2Smart Energy Lemon Mint Flavor | 30 straws

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Stay hydrated, stay energized, stay healthy, stay young, stay cool. Any time! Any where! This is not your old- fashioned energy drink. We have created an entirely new category of energy drink with Smart Straw.

  • Unbelievably convenient! You can drink when you travel, work out, in the office, at school or at home … anytime, anywhere
  • A similar amount of energy as Redbull and Monster at less than 50% of  the cost
  • Only 10 calories per straw
  • 100% sugar- free, Non-GMO, produced in FDA approved facility
  • Is packed with Vitamin B and caffeine 
  • The straw is biodegradable
  • Size: 1 box - 30 straws
Directions: Place a Smart Energy straw in 150ml/5oz of water and sip to energize. One time use. Best when sipped within 5 minutes of liquid contact. ADULT ONLY- Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, children under 18 years, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.
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