Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws

Product image 1Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws
Product image 2Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws
Product image 3Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws
Product image 4Smart Hemp Straw | 10 straws

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Smart Hemp Straw is for busy people who want to be happy and healthy. For those looking for HEMP products, they can use it easily while on the go.

Smart Hemp uses PNX- Zero Bio - ESC powder technology, a faster absorption in human body than oil-based hemp products。 A 1 mg dose of PNX Bio- ECS powder will deliver the equivalent of 5- 10 mg doses of an oil-based product. 

  • Convenient, each straw is individually packed
  • 25 mg of hemp in each straw, 0 THC
  • Biodegradable straw
  • Size: 1 Box - 10 straws
  • Flavor options in  Strawberry and Rasberry
Directions: Place Smart Hemp in 8 fl oz of liquid, anything you drink. Tastes best when sipped within 5 minutes. Each straw is single-use. 
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